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Erica John

Erica was born in Rome, Italy of Austrian parents. She studied in Rome at the Classical Lyceum of  Il Tasso and finished at the Lyceum lGiulio Cesare. Enrolled at the Sapienza University of Rome to the “Faculty of Lettere e Filosofia” for 2 years. Erica, also enrolled in  the  biannual Course of Infermiere Volontarie  for the Italian Red Cross at  the Clinica San Giuseppe in  Rome, Italy,  In 1955, Erica interrupted her studies to move to New York, with the idea of pursuing the study of modern languages, but she moved to Milwaukee and was married.  Erica was married to Harry John and helped him to start a new business: Sacred Pictures, ( today her son Timothy John is running the business under the new name of Bluemound Graphics.)  Erica had 9 children. Erica was a Director, Vice President then President of the philanthropic organization, De Rance, Inc , which, her husband Harry John established in 1946.


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