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Elvira Asuncion

Elvira T. Asuncion is an Organization Development & Planning (OD & P) practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in program management, community relations building, and collaboration.

Prior to working with the UWM Center for Urban Community Development, she has used her OD & P practice in building the capacities of public and nonprofit agencies, such as the YW Family Center which she directed from 1995 to 2004. She has supervised more than 20 staff and over 1,000 volunteers in various programs and projects. She has managed more than $2 million in grants for programs from multiple funding sources (federal, state, local) that serve diverse participants (children, youth, women, men, families, schools, businesses, etc.); and with diverse foci (alcohol and drug abuse prevention, child abuse and neglect prevention, housing and homelessness, domestic violence, family education and support, nutrition, parenting education, refugee social support, grassroots capacity building, etc.) She also facilitated workshops and classes under these projects and programs.

She has served as Asian Commissioner for the Milwaukee Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and chaired its Violence Prevention and Education Committee and the Asian American Task Force. She was a steering member of the Milwaukee County Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalition, and has been the past chairperson of the Family Connection and Program Committee of the Milwaukee Child Abuse Prevention Services.

She previously was a Senior Outreach Program Specialist at CUCD and served as its Program & Operations Director. She worked in CUCD grant projects in various capacities such as in grant development; implementation; evaluation and reporting; community capacity; relations building and technical assistance; curriculum development; implementation and teaching; and data management.

She is a member of the Milwaukee Area Refugee Consortium and sits on the Steering Committee of the RID Racism Milwaukee. She presently coordinates the African and Asian Refugees Consortium and the Refugee Family Resource Network of Milwaukee.

She has an Organizational Development Certificate from the UWM School of Continuing Education and professional training in Organizational Development and Planning from South East Asia Interdisciplinary Development Institute.  She has her master’s in communication research from the University of the Philippines.


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