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Dr. Bhupendra Khatri

Bhupendra Khatri is the founding medical director of the Center for Neurological Disorders, The Regional MS Center, one of the largest multiple sclerosis centers in the U.S., caring for over 4,500 patients. Dr. Khatri earned his medical degree from Grant Medical College in Mumbai, India and completed his residency in neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin where he continued as an associate professor of neurology until 1990 at which time he opened the Center for Neurological Disorders.

He has been a principal investigator in numerous clinical trials, as well as an invited speaker at both national and international conferences. He has published over 55 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has contributed chapters to six books. In 2015 he was honored with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Lifetime Achievement Award.

His award-winning bestselling book, “Healing the Soul, Unexpected Stories of Courage, Hope and the Power of Mind,” was praised by late Dr. John Kurtzke – “This book should be required reading for all medical students.” His latest book, “Healthcare 911 – How America’s Broken Healthcare System Is Driving Doctors to Despair, Depriving Patients of Care, and Destroying Our Reputation in the World,” is described by Dr. Sergay, the past president of American Academy of Neurology as “a call to arms. Americans need to know that the book exists and why it matters,” he insists.


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