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Dawn Rablin

Dawn Rablin is originally from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Rablin graduated from UWSP in 1985, and then worked as a Social Worker for three years. Rablin graduated from the Wayne State Law School in 1992. Rablin began her career as an assistant state public defender in 1993 in Milwaukee County Trial Office and is now an attorney manager. Rablin represented clients charged with crimes ranging from traffic offenses to homicides.  For the past decade, Rablin practiced almost exclusively in the Early Intervention/Treatment Programs and works in collaboration with the Milwaukee County District Attorneys’ Office in utilizing Evidence-Based Decision Making to identify low- and moderate-risk individuals who can be monitored through a Diversion or Deferred Prosecution Agreement and can be connected with community-based treatment. These individuals are held accountable and earn a reduction in charge or a dismissal of all criminal charges.  Most recently, Rablin has taken on the defense role and responsibility in the Post-Booking Stabilization Program (identifying incarcerated persons with severe and persistent mental illness to get them released from custody and connected with community mental health resources). Rablin has found her calling as a public defender: it is more than a job, more than a career; it is her identity.


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