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David Mathews

Indiana born and bred, David Mathews was taught to obey his parents, respect his elders, be polite to women, and be kind to animals. He delivered newspapers while in grade school, and baled hay, shoveled manure, and chased cheerleaders when his family moved from the crumbling inner-city of Indianapolis, to a farming community 20 miles from just about anywhere. Like many boys in the 60s, his life revolved around cars and girls. David lives in River Hills, Wisconsin with his wife of ten years, and Dave, his neurotic, shoe-chewing Wheaten Terrier. (Yes, his name is really Dave.) Having forsaken past sculduggery, David now enjoys his nine grandchildren, and tinkering with his hot rod Porsche and old Dodge pick-up truck. Lemons and Lemonade is David’s first full-length book. Thirty of his essays, articles, and stories have appeared in national magazines.


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