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Daniel Cykana

Daniel Cykana is the Chief Consultant for Extrusion Solutions, LLC, an organization focusing in on Die Design and extrusion processing problems. ( Daniel has dedicated his career to the plastics industry for the past 53 years.

  • 1964-1978 Northland Plastics Inc. Director of Manufacturing
  • 1978-2010 Bemis Mfg. Co (Advanced Technology Group) Director of Engineering
  • 2010-2017 Extrusion Solutions, LLC, Chief Technology Consultant
  • Society of Plastics Engineers 40 years, senior member
  • SPE Instructor for 25+ years- Profile Extrusion
  • Co-Author for SPE (Extrusion Technology & Troubleshooting Guide)
  • Contributor to SPE Extrusion Toolbox
  • International Speaker/Instructor on Extrusion in 18 countries
  • SPE Extrusion Board Member for four terms
  • Recipient of Distinguished Service Award for SPE
  • Elected to Plastics Pioneers Association in 2014


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