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Dan Cesarz

Daniel Cesarz is an adjunct professor and licensed architect working for HGA. In his eight years at HGA, Daniel has had various roles starting out as a design team member, a production team member and a project architect. In his current role, Daniel works within the Digital Practice Group as a digital design manager where his role is centered around assisting staff through regular training and daily support. In addition, he’s focused on innovation, technology and efficiency and how that translates into the development of projects. His role is focused on the tools of production, design and fabrication. He’s also involved with building execution plans that support our clients’ needs in addition to supporting the construction team’s efforts.

Before HGA Daniel attended UWM’s School of Architecture & Urban Planning, graduating with an undergraduate degree in 2007. Prior to graduating from UWM with his master’s degree in 2011, he worked for a firm as a design and production team member as well as transitioning them from a CAD operation to BIM.


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