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Cindy Gosh-Lee

Cindy helps lead Bloom360 Learning Community and guides the further development of its unique educational model. She cultivates interest-driven projects for Learners that engage their creativity while meeting applicable state standards. She is instrumental in guiding the overall curriculum and in supporting all of the Learners, Learning Guides and parents throughout each Learner’s Individualized Developmental Learning Plan.

Cindy received training through the VIA Institute on Character in the areas of using character strengths at work, building effective teams and one-on-one strengths-based coaching. She is leading and guiding the implementation and continued development of the Character Strengths program for Bloom360 as well as the Vista360 team.

Cindy has more than 20 years of experience working and serving families, children and adult learners in a variety of educational and community settings. Cindy began her teaching career in the early intervention program Head Start which was the catalyst to pursuing becoming a social worker because of the opportunity it allowed to deepen relationships and empower children and families. As a social worker, Cindy facilitated support groups for children and parents, provided short-term strengths-based counseling and facilitated social/emotional programs within classrooms. Cindy also continued to teach part-time over the years in a variety of roles including college professor of general studies (sociology, social problems and organizational psychology), designer and facilitator of professional development courses for educators, substitute teacher, and middle school project-based STEM facilitator.

Cindy has a master’s degree in social welfare from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Mount Mary University. Cindy is certified by Wisconsin DPI as an early childhood teacher and a school social worker.


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