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Beverly DeWeese

Over 10 years ago, Beverly DeWeese was asked to teach an Osher class in mystery fiction. It has been a marvelous experience, and she hope the class feels likewise. The attendees are lively, perceptive readers, who also bring lifetimes of experience to the discussions. Her own interest in mystery fiction has developed over 25 years. Many mystery authors excel in creating intriguing, colorful backgrounds from places all over the world. Some of the most memorable, believable characters she met are in mystery fiction. Psychology and current sociological problems are frequently important backgrounds in modern crime novels. In the best crime novels, authors ask us to think about good and evil. So, for Beverly, the best mystery novels are not just about “who dun it.” In other words, good mystery fiction is good fiction. For her SIG, Gold Star Mysteries, she always tries to choose good fiction and she believes discussing good fiction enhances a person mentally and emotionally.


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