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Artis Landon, MEd

Artis is an administrator with Wisconsin Community Services (WCS), serving on the agency’s senior management team and overseeing federal- and state-funded residential reentry centers. With over 20 years of law enforcement and corrections experience, Artis has worked as a juvenile corrections officer and deputy sheriff. Prior to this, he spent 11 years in the military. Besides his position at WCS, Artis has taught criminal justice and organizational leadership classes at Springfield College. He also taught at the Milwaukee County Sheriff Academy as a Defense and Arrest Tactics (DAAT) instructor with a focus in professional communication.

Artis earned a Bachelor of Science in human services from Springfield College and then earned his Master of Science in education from the University of Wisconsin- Platteville. He completed his coursework for a PhD in leadership theories at Cardinal Stritch University and is now diligently working to complete his dissertation.

With his experience, he also brings a unique perspective to the group from which others can learn because of his background in law enforcement, corrections, nonprofit management and teaching, along with the depth of his professional development.

Artis has been part of positive changes in Milwaukee and has committed himself to serving many disenfranchised people living in our community. He believes that leadership must continually evolve to meet the needs of a diverse community.


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