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Angela Kelber, MS

Angela Kelber is the director of the Department of Continuing Education and Professional Development at UWM’s School of Continuing Education, overseeing the Business, Engineering, Human Services/Trauma, Languages, Nonprofit, College for Kids and Customized Training programs. Angela previously worked as director of the Community and Professional Development department and program manager for Trauma and Human Services. She has years of professional experience in business, career services, marketing, training and project management for large universities in the U.S. and Brazil. She has served on several boards, primarily for organizations focusing on adult education, marketing and career transitions.

Angela is a Master Trainer professional through UWM’s School of Continuing Education. Angela holds a master’s degree in marketing from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She earned her second master’s degree at UWM in adult and continuing education leadership. Angela also earned a graduate certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education through the Administrative Leadership department at UWM.


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