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Ana Schwager

Ana Schwager serves as Regional Leader of Community Affairs and Grassroots for Southwest Airlines, a company known for its legendary Culture and the nation’s largest carrier in terms of Customer’s boarded.

Schwager launched her career at Southwest in 1994. During her 23 years with the company, she has held leadership positions within Customer Services and Support and Marketing. In her current role, Schwager is responsible for strategic outreach to national, state and local nonprofit and business organizations that positively impact communities served by Southwest Airlines.

Schwager has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is often asked to speak on Southwest’s Customer Service and Culture. She serves as a contributor to Southwest’s onboard publication, Southwest: The Magazine and official Company blog, NUTS About Southwest. She also serves as an alumnus of the company-wide Culture Committee, which is comprised of a select group of Employees whose goal is to create, enhance and enrich the legendary Culture that makes the airline unique.

Schwager leads Southwest’s Communication & Outreach Hospitality program, an initiative she also created and implemented. She is no stranger to Hospitality—her passion for delivering outstanding Customer Service drives her to make meaningful connections with everyone she meets. In 2015, Schwager received the Working the Southwest Way Award for her solid performance, stellar results and commitment to reliability to the Company.


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