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Abbey Beine

Abbey is a Wisconsin native who received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. After she completed her undergraduate degree in Biology, Society and Environment, Abbey pursued a licensure for science education at UW-Milwaukee to become a teacher in secondary education. Over the past year, Abbey has completed her student teaching at Lake Country School in Nashota and Slinger High School. She is excited to start working in the school system to help expand students’ love and knowledge in the field of science.

Abbey loves to travel and one of her favorite places in the world is Glasgow, Scotland. She firmly believes there is much to learn from other peoples’ culture, history, way of life and their accomplishments. She also spends her free time doing yoga with her dog, Usher.  Abbey is very flexible in mind and body and loves the mindfulness one can accomplish through the practice of yoga, even though her dog is relentless and thinks it’s really playtime.


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