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WiSE – Navigating the New Normal – September 3

Lessons Learned in Adjusting to a More Virtual Workplace

Learn from a panel of HR experts about what organizations are doing to holistically support employees during this time of flux. We are six months in and have learned a few things. This informative, interactive panel discussion will help us make sense of the new virtual workplace.

Key Areas of Focus:

1. Discuss what is and isn’t working to help employees adjust to a more virtual workplace.
2. Explore the top issues on employees’ minds during this time of flux.
3. Learn how organizations are responding to these key employee issues.

Panel Discussion
Moderators: Ann Manning and Rose Meagher
Panelists: Nermina Kamencic, Dwanyell Thomas and Candy Underwood


Rose Meagher

Rose Meagher

Rose Meagher is an accomplished talent development professional. She currently leads the Meagher Consulting Group LLC.  She and her associates provide clients with services that include talent and organization development, customized learning strategies, leadership development, behavioral and 360 assessments, team ... read more

Ann Manning

Ann Manning

Ann Manning is a talent development consultant and HR leader with 25 years of experience in business and consulting roles across multiple industries from non-profits to Fortune 100 companies. She leads a dynamic consulting practice that provides people development solutions ... read more

Dwanyell Thomas

Dwanyell Thomas is an accomplished senior HR professional in the financial services industry. She leads with strong business acumen and demonstrated ability to convert a company’s strategic priorities that maximize human capital initiatives to improve performance, profitability, growth and employee ... read more

Nermina Kamencic

Nermina Kamencic is a global HR executive with deep expertise in the manufacturing industry. She utilizes interpersonal skills and passion for managing human capital to introduce new ideas and continuous process improvements in rapidly changing environments. She earned an Executive ... read more

Candy Underwood

Candy Underwood is a business professional with HR expertise. Her broad experience covers the employee life cycle including organizational design, talent acquisition, performance and development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, engagement and retention, change and communication, and leadership development. She ... read more

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