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WiSE Breakfast – Barriers to Leadership for Women – November 2, 2017

Are they what we think they are?

Women on the path to leadership can face many known issues: unconscious bias, work-life difficulties, even intolerant policies. We’ve worked to mitigate these for years, and made some progress. We’ve also been “filling the pipeline” with women, but they still don’t make it to the executive suite.

Yet, our research at the Medical College of Wisconsin suggests that women seek both promotion and leadership at lower rates than men. What’s the answer?

In this WISE meeting we will discuss the following:
1. “Ambitious women.” Illuminating obstacles to leadership: Do women seek promotion and leadership at the same rates as men? Should they “lean in?”

2. “I wouldn’t want that job.” What are outcome expectations, and what do they have to do with leadership ambition?

3. Are there the same issues in engineering as in medicine and academics? We need your input!


Libby Ellinas, MD

Libby Ellinas, MD

Libby Ellinas, MD, is an Associate Professor at MCW (the Medical College of Wisconsin) in Milwaukee, WI. She is an Obstetric Anesthesiologist, and has been both Chief of Obstetric Anesthesia and Fellowship Director for MCW’s Obstetric Anesthesia Fellowship. Libby is ... read more

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