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US State Dept: Who are Our Ambassadors?

In making appointments to the office of ambassador, U.S. presidents often select political supporters from outside the State Department’s professional diplomatic corps–a source of controversy–yet its merits are substantially opaque. Based on previously unavailable documents obtained from the State Department through requests and litigation under the Freedom of Information Act, the presentation analyzes the qualifications and campaign contributions of over 1900 ambassadorial nominees from Ronald Reagan through the first two years of Donald Trump.


Ryan Scoville

Professor Scoville teaches and writes on U.S. foreign relations law and international law. His research focuses on the various ways in which domestic law regulates U.S. diplomatic activities and, separately, on comparative international law. He is a Fulbright grant recipient, ... read more

Date: Wed, Apr 14, 2021

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Instructor: Ryan Scoville

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