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VBA for Excel

Gain the skills necessary to apply VBA to develop macros, format worksheets, create user-interactive macros, work with multiple worksheets and perform calculations. Apply this new knowledge in order to simplify your work in the Excel environment by automating many of the repetitive tasks that are part of spreadsheet development.

UWM-SCE computer lab provides a hands-on learning environment that includes training from an instructor with real-world experience.


Hannah Goodman

Hannah Goodman

Hannah Goodman builds custom database applications. She earned her master’s degree in computer science from UWM in 1986. Hannah worked for the Medical College of Wisconsin as a systems analyst, designing databases, writing custom programs and performing statistical analysis. In ... read more

Course Outline/Topics

Lesson 1: Developing Macros

Create a Macro Using the Macro Recorder

Edit a Macro

Debug a Macro

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar and Hotkeys

Set Macro Security

Lesson 2: Formatting Worksheets Using Macros

Insert Text

Format Text

Sort Data

Duplicate Data

Generate a Report

Lesson 3: Creating an Interactive Worksheet

Determine the Dialog Box Type

Capture User Input

Lesson 4: Working with Multiple Worksheets

Insert, Copy, and Delete Worksheets

Rename Worksheets

Modify the Order of Worksheets

Print Worksheets

Lesson 5: Performing Calculations

Create User-Defined Functions

Automate SUM Functions


Excel 2007/2010 – Level III (or equivalent experience), previous programming background helpful


"The course is easy to follow and the instructor is knowledgeable. I will definitely be using skills taught during the course in my everyday job – which was the goal of taking the course."  —  Karen Kroes, Senior Budget Analyst - UW-Milwaukee, 2018

"Excellent and very informative class. Hannah did a great job encouraging feedback and questions, which really helped with learning more above and beyond the course content. Thank you!"  —  Participant, 2014