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Urban Planning: Internet GIS

This course focuses on emerging technology in geographic information systems (GIS): Specifically Internet-Based GIS. Internet GIS is a network-centric GIS technology that uses the internet and the World Wide Web as a primary means of providing access to the functionality (i.e., analysis tools, mapping capability) of GIS and to the spatial data and other data needed for various GIS applications. It provides users capability to work interactively with maps and conduct spatial analysis on the Web. There are two goals of the course. The first is to give you a background in Internet GIS models, procedure, and vocabulary so that you will have a better understanding of the concepts of the internet, GIS and the technology/languages currently used in the industry. The second is to expose you to internet GIS software and procedure through hands-on experience so that you can gain necessary skills to work with Internet GIS programs and develop Internet GIS applications. We explore what is currently possible when GIS leverages the internet by working with the most current software and development standards used by professionals. Through hands-on training you will be exposed to the procedures and languages needed to utilize the web. This training includes setting up data for the web, publishing options, security, target platforms, website design, and basically everything Web GIS! We cover the basic techniques in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online, and a variety of other technologies.


Date: 14 Mon, Sept 14-Dec 14

Delivery Method: Live Online

Time: SEM 5:30-8:10pm CT

Platform: Canvas

Instructor: Paul Vepraskas

Fee: $600

Enrollment Limit: 5

Program Number: 4870-13303

Registration Deadline: Sept 4

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