The Secret Sauce to Increasing Sales

Are you tired of spinning your wheels and wondering how you can increase sales and business? Do you wonder why you get along great with some people and with others there’s conflict? In this workshop, Melissa Whitaker discusses the secret sauce on how to build trust and relationships faster, close more deals and hold more profit. The following is included:


  • Understanding how you are wired.
  • Discovering what priorities shape your sales experience.
  • Identifying your sales strengths based on your wiring.
  • Uncovering potential challenges you may face in sales.


  • Awareness: 4 Different Buyer Styles.
  • Identify: Behaviors.
  • Understand: What each Buyers’ priorities are.
  • Personal Wiring: How your personal wiring plays into your relationships.
  • Adapt and Relate: How to adapt to your customer/buyer, increase trust and build superior relationships.


  • MWI’s Sales Assessment DNA Guides.
  • Psychology of the Buyer Decoder – Interaction Customer Mapping.
  • Step-by-Step Guide on how to increase sales.

By using tools that are specific to your style, you will better understand how to interact with potential customers in a way that is meaningful. Using an approach that is more natural will lead to better relationships and increased sales pipelines.

Note: You will take an online sales assessment and receive a 25-page report of your specific results that we will unpack in this workshop. This Personalized Sales Assessment Report provides the roadmap for you to dramatically increase sales and hold more profit.


Dates and locations to be announced.


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