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The Language of Nonprofits

Info Session

Discover the basic concepts and language of the nonprofit sector. Discuss characteristics that define a nonprofit organization. Learn commonly used terminology and ideas. NOTE: This workshop does not count toward Nonprofit Certificate programs.


Contessa Cole

   Contessa Cole is the Principal/CEO of CC Consulting Group, LLC. She is also Executive Director/Founder of Tessa’s Black Entertainment & Youth Center, Inc. TBEY, Inc. is a tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization that provides after school and summer arts education as well ... read more

Who Should Attend

Open to anyone with an interest in the nonprofit sector, including community members, the public, nonprofit sector professionals and college students.


This reduced workshop is offered to you as a preliminary step to increase your awareness of the nonprofit sector. This workshop does not count toward Nonprofit Certificate programs. While it is not  required to complete the certificate, it provides you with an overview of the language of nonprofits.

Dates and locations to be announced.