The Communication Problem Solver – Tools and Techniques for Leaders

Communication is the process by which projects and relationships are created, maintained, altered and sometimes destroyed. Be more influential – making significant contributions to help people and projects move ahead. Gain the skills to increase your interpersonal effectiveness up, down and across your organization, as well as with customers and suppliers outside the company.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Spot and fix breakdowns in communication
  • Talk more effectively about important matters
  • Facilitate faster team development and more productive outputs
  • Influence culture positively

Course Outline/Topics

  1. How Communication Works (and Doesn’t Work)
    • Communication Model
    • Words, Tone, Body Language
    • Communication Channels
    • Foundational Skills
    • Asking Questions to Uncover and Develop
    • The Role of Assertiveness
    • Are We All Alike?
  2. Communicating About Important and Often Difficult Issues
    • The Critical Conversation
    • How We React
    • Conducting the Critical Conversation – Preparation
    • Open the Dialogue
    • Explore Their Story
    • Tell Your Story
    • Reach Agreement
  3. Making the Most of Group Communications
    • The Top Ten Group Communication Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
  4. Critical Conversation Planner

Dates and locations to be announced.


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