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Summer Potpourri III

Every week enjoy a different speaker and discover a different topic.

August 5 The Hubble Space Telescope: A Brief History The Hubble Space Telescope was launched on April 24, 1990. It was hailed as the greatest advance in the study of the universe since Galileo. But it was an enormous failure. The images it transmitted back to earth were out of focus. This is the story of Hubble’s recovery and its amazing successes as well as the stories of astronomers and researchers going back hundreds of years whose work laid a foundation for the science of Hubble. Presenter: Pat Tibbetts

August 12 Wisconsin’s Maritime History Dive into Wisconsin’s history hidden beneath the waves with the Wisconsin Historical Society’s maritime archaeologist Tamara Thomsen. Explore some of Wisconsin’s 700 Great Lakes shipwrecks through underwater video, historic photographs and archaeological discoveries! Learn how the Wisconsin Historical Society documents these time capsules of our maritime past. Presenter: Tamara Thomsen

August 19 Unmanned Aerial Systems – Drones! In this course we explore Unmanned Aerial Systems commonly known as drones. Some of the items to be discussed include current uses for drones, regulations and regulatory issues related to drones, and the future of drones. Presenter: Jon Elliott

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