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Spring Potpourri V

May 17–Raising Monarch Butterflies
The monarch butterfly is the only insect that migrates to warmer climates when the weather cools. While here in Wisconsin, it’s easy to find and raise the monarchs through four stages of life, releasing them to the wild after they emerge from their chrysalis. It’s a fascinating event to share with children, grandchildren or friends. Margo shares her experience and points you in the right direction to participate in some fluttering fun this coming summer.
Presenter: Margo Renner

May 24–Wisconsin Authors
In this one-session class, Jim Higgins delves into books by Wisconsin authors, including Laura Ingalls Wilder, Aldo Leopold, Lorine Niedecker, Ellen Raskin, Jane Hamilton and others. Content of this class may overlap a bit with the 2018 Osher class on Wisconsin authors.
Presenter: Jim Higgins


Margo Renner

Margo Renner, born and raised in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, moved to Iceland at a young age and lived there for 35 years. Married to an Icelander, they set up their home on Heimaey, a tiny island off the southwest coast. She ... read more

James Higgins

Jim Higgins is the arts and books editor for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He is the author of “Wisconsin Literary Luminaries: From Laura Ingalls Wilder to Ayad Akhtar” (2017). He is also a graduate of Marquette University.

Date: 2 Mon, May 17-24, 2021

Delivery Method: Live Online

Time: 10-11:15am CT

Platform: Zoom

Margo Renner
James Higgins

Fee: $15

Enrollment Limit: 300

Program Number: SPRI:182

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