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Spring Potpourri II

Each week, enjoy a different speaker and discover a different topic.

Feb. 27- Cat Behavior – Through Their Eyes, Heather Seidel

Please join us for an excellent program with a presentation and videos on feline behavior and training by the Wisconsin Humane Society. The many topics will include:

  • How to read your cat’s body language
  • Preventing or solving litter box problems
  • Solving aggression between households cats
  • Reducing play aggression
  • How to provide exercise and mental enrichment to your cat
  • How to keep your cat from waking you in the middle of the night

March 6 – Social Media – Communicating with Generations Y & Z. Josh Lieberthal shares how technology seems to change by the day, and in some cases how it does. Facebook is now 12 years old. What other tools do we use to communicate? What is Snapchat and why is everyone talking about Instagram? This course will provide a comprehensive overview of communication technologies millenials (Gen Y) and Gen Z use all day, every day, until the next big thing comes along.

March 13 – Schusters and Gimbels, Milwaukee’s Beloved Department Store. Paul Geenen takes us back to the place where the streetcar bends the corner and the elevator girls are always smiling. For more than a century, Milwaukee shoppers have had Gimbels or Schusters on the brain. Even if they didn’t crave sewing notions or prize-winning apple pies, they were watching holiday parades, tuning in for Billie the Brownie’s radio updates or losing themselves in front of one of the fabulous window displays. Not only were they magical places to shop but also wonderful places to work, creating the kind of community where a kid might come in to work the Christmas rush and stay for 25 years. Enjoy this loving trip through the history of these beloved stores, from their arrival in Milwaukee in the 1880s through the 1962 merger and beyond.

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