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Spring Potpourri II

Mar 1–Great Ideas That Didn’t Quite Make it
Sometimes a better mousetrap doesn’t beat a path to your door. There have been some great ideas that despite their innovations didn’t quite make it into our daily lives. Explore several of these in housing, transportation, communication and technology. Hurricane and fire-proof houses? A keyboard that is over 50% more efficient? Standardized English spelling? Look at what made these ideas great, and why they weren’t as successful as they might have been.
Presenter: Helen Adelt

Mar 8–Chicago’s Block Clubs
Professor Seligman provides an overview of the history of block clubs in Chicago. Block clubs are small, voluntary, local organizations focused on improving their immediate environs. They are ubiquitous and well known in Chicago but appear in many other cities around the United States, including Milwaukee. They flourished across the twentieth century, but their purposes and organizers changed over time. Professor Seligman discusses her original research about how they originated and developed.
Presenter: Amanda Seligman

Mar 15–Unions Organizing Against Poverty
This discussion regards the role of labor unions in combating poverty in society, including an overview of Wisconsin state and federal laws.
Presenter: Mark Sweet


Helen Adelt

Helen is a former UWM theater major, who has been a Shakespeare aficionado and a “word nerd” for most of her life. She has worked as a stage manager but has spent most of her career as a business analyst. ... read more

Amanda Seligman , Ph. D.

Professor Amanda Seligman’s historical scholarship focuses on the urban Midwest. Seligman, a UW-Milwaukee professor since 1999, holds a bachelor’s degree in classics from Princeton University and a Ph.D. in history from Northwestern University. An award-winning historian, Seligman writes about Milwaukee ... read more

Mark Sweet

Mark Sweet practices law primarily in the areas of labor and employment law on behalf of unions and employees. He received his bachelor’s degree, with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1990 and his JD, cum laude, from the ... read more

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Helen Adelt
Amanda Seligman Ph. D.
Mark Sweet

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