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Spring Potpourri I

Feb 1–Service and Support for Disabled Children and Adults
Hear how Mark’s family addressed the challenges of a disabled child and young adult who became disabled. Predicted to never go beyond first grade level, his son Anthony has “soared to new heights,” using a roadmap of local, state and federal programs for support and to provide a safety net after parents are deceased. A similar roadmap has been developed for their daughter. A review of agencies, resources and funding sources along with processes to qualify for services are described.
Presenter: Mark Geinopolos

Feb 8–Execute Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
Today’s Submarine Force stands on the shoulders of 16,000 World War II submariners who converted an untested weapon into the country’s most potent. With a complement of 2% of the Navy’s personnel, the Submarine Force destroyed Japan’s maritime presence, sinking 55% of Japan’s merchant fleet and 33% of its warships. This record was not without risk. It lost 22% of all submariners who sailed into harm’s way. The story of these men is compelling.
Presenter:John Lindstedt

Feb 15–Juvenile Justice
Being an urban teenage boy is fraught with possibilities, many of which are not positive. Eviction during elementary years lowers chances for school success. Many young people become part of the judicial system and come to the Nehemiah Project. Some have committed crimes; others have been crime victims. Nehemiah provides a safe place to live, meals, homework help, programs on literacy, anger management, finance, interview and resume-writing skills and more. Discuss if this is the wave of the future.
Presenter: Marye Beth Dugan


Mark Geinopolos

Mark majored in real estate/urban land economics and finance, investment and banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His career spanned thirty-five years as a healthcare IT executive. He is married with two adopted children, both of whom have disabilities. He ... read more

John Lindstedt

John Lindstedt is a former nuclear-trained naval officer who served on the nuclear missile submarine, USS Kamehameha, SSBN 642. He made three strategic deterrent patrols in the Mediterranean Sea. He is an avid historian of the U.S. Naval Submarine Force. ... read more

Marye Beth Dugan

Marye Beth Dugan is supremely qualified to speak to Osher about juvenile justice. She has a B.S. in social work, an M.A. in criminal justice and is a certified trauma specialist. During her 30+ year career, she has been a ... read more

Date: 3 Mon, Feb 1-15, 2021

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Mark Geinopolos
John Lindstedt
Marye Beth Dugan

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