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Social Media: Leveraging New Trends to Build a Successful Social Strategy

formerly What's New in Social Media: Leveraging Trends to Build a Successful Social Strategy

This course provides an overview of current trends and how they fit into the three essential drivers of an effective social media strategy.

Changes in social media happen daily: Which mediums, platforms and overall trends are important to your business and how do they mesh with your social strategy?

Having a successful social media strategy requires having the right social content (blog, live video, images), social analytics and robust customer service. These three elements are key drivers to showing tangible social media marketing value to your business and stakeholders. Now that your framework is set, how do trends impact your strategy?

Learn about social media marketing tools and trends through hands-on activities, projects and case studies. (To keep current on social media, it’s a good idea to take this class every year.)

This course can be applied to the following certificates:
Digital Marketing Certificate
Managing Digital Content Certificate


Becky Kolar-Imig

Becky Kolar-Imig

Becky Kolar is the Social Media Manager at Aurora Health Care, an integrated health system with 15 hospitals, 150 clinics, 70 pharmacies and more than 33,000 employees that serve the health care needs of Eastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.  Becky ... read more

Course Outline/Topics


  • Content Creation: Blogs, photos, video, live video
  • Advertising on social media
  • Analytics tools: Native analytics and Google Analytics
  • Customer Service: External (complaints, questions, phrase) and internal (requests for a social post, new Facebook page or group)
  • Social listening: How to be “on” all the time
  • Trends: What’s new? What’s working? How to integrate this into your strategy.



"Extremely informative! I jotted down a long laundry list of to-dos once I got back to the office. Excited to implement some of the new strategies and ideas I learned today."  —  Becca Mader, 2017