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Soap Operas and Women, 1950s-1980s

This talk explores the history of the American daytime television soap opera as a form of programming associated with women’s lives, focusing on the transition of soap opera from radio to television and its rise in popularity and profitability. In particular, we examine the role of women as creators and audience members, as well as the subjects of on-screen stories, many of which grappled with gender roles across an era of great social change.


Elana Levine

Elana Levine is professor of media, cinema, and digital studies in the Department of English at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is the author of “Her Stories: Daytime Soap Opera and US Television History”, co-author of “Legitimating Television: Media Convergence ... read more

Date: Mon, Feb 22, 2021

Delivery Method: Live Online

Time: 12:30-1:45pm CT

Platform: Zoom

Instructor: Elana Levine

Fee: $10

Enrollment Limit: 300

Program Number: SPRI:320

Registration opens Tue, Jan 12, 2021.