Scientific Glass Blowing

Gr. 11 & 12 only

The objective of this course is to learn basic scientific glassblowing hand operations and techniques in a “hands-on” fashion to learn how scientific glassware is made for use in the lab by scientists, researchers and students. Each class period begins with a demonstration by the instructor on how to perform a glassblowing seal and then you practice that seal for the remainder of the class period.

Dress Code (will be enforced): Safety glasses must be worn at all times; long hair should be tied back when working around open flame; avoid wearing synthetic clothing that could burn and melt when exposed to flames or hot glass; roll up long sleeves to avoid catching fire; wear cut-resistant gloves to protect you when cutting glass; and wear shoes that cover the entire foot up to the ankle (no sandals allowed).


Only 11 & 12 graders are accepted into this program. If you sign up and do not meet the grade levels you can’t take the class and won’t get a refund. This is  strictly enforced.


The increased class fee is due to the four-student limit and the nature of the curriculum – sign up early to secure your spot.

Once your child is registered, there are no refunds or transfers. Refunds are made only for classes canceled by CFK/CFT.

Discount: If registering for six or more classes, please use discount code CFK6PLUS to receive 15% off. Does not include before or after care.

Dates and locations to be announced.


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