Professional Scrum Product Owner

Corresponds With PSPO 1 Certification

Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) is a two-day course that covers the role and accountability of the Product Owner on a Scrum Team and within the organization.

Professional Scrum Product Owner is the cutting-edge course for effective Product Ownership. It explores the worldwide challenge that many Scrum implementations run into, i.e., how should business people and product managers engage in Scrum and collaborate with Scrum Development Teams?

The course focuses on the core expectation for Product Owners to maximize the value of the work done for a software product, and in turn, serving customers, users and the organization.

Assessment and Certification

The Professional Scrum Product Owner course has two associated credentials: Professional Scrum Product Owner Level I (PSPO I) and Professional Scrum Product Owner Level II (PSPO II).

All participants completing the Professional Scrum Product Owner course receive a password to take the PSPO I assessment.

These industry-recognized certifications require a minimum passing score on the associated rigorous assessment. maintains a public list with everyone holding a PSPO I and PSPO II credential.

Who Should Attend

The training may be interesting to all involved in software development upon the Scrum framework, but has been specifically conceived for those responsible for products from a business perspective and taking up the highly accountable role of Scrum Product Owner.

Course Outline/Topics

Agile Product Management

The Scrum Product Owner

Managing Requirements, Products and Releases

Value-Driven Development


Challenged to think in terms of Scrum and the Scrum principles to better understand what to do upon returning to your workplace.

Obtain a clear understanding of the mechanics of Scrum and how the role of the Product Owner fits in.

Act as a Product Owner for Scrum Teams and stakeholders.

Effectively increase the business agility of your organization.

Dates and locations to be announced.


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