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Portuguese Conversation

Traveling Around the Lusophone World

Engage in in-depth Portuguese conversation while you explore some of the unique Portuguese-speaking countries like Mozambique, Angola, Timor Leste, Macau, the Madeira islands, São Tomé e Príncipe, Cabo Verde and Guiné-Bissau. Learn about their history, food, culture and other interesting aspects of each country. Utilize short video clips to hear the way Portuguese is used in these countries. Read topical articles related to each country to stimulate invigorating conversations in Portuguese.


Torrey Lauer

Torrey Lauer

Torrey Lauer has traveled throughout Western Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico and Costa Rica, but it was Madrid, Spain, that captivated him.  His short time studying abroad in Madrid further fueled his desire to learn more, which lead and culminated in an ... read more


Portuguese V or equivalent experience.


This is a noncredit enrichment program. Progress and courses completed are marked by Continuing Education Units. CEUs are not transferable to college or university transcripts.

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