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Perspectives on Race, Privilege and Policy

Part 1: This class provides a framework to understand the concept of privilege from the various societal positions that we all have in U.S. society and includes an individual hands-on exercise.

Part 2: View the 30-minute video, “Race: The Power of an Illusion: The House We Live in,” to help understand how previous federal policies have contributed to urban segregation and discrimination. There will be handouts and time for questions/discussion.


Janice Staral

Janice Staral served as a professor and director of the Social Work Department at Concordia University and Marquette University. She earned a Ph.D. in urban studies from UWM. Her research for her dissertation was conducted at a central city Lutheran ... read more

Date: 2 Wed, Mar 23-30, 2022

Delivery Method: In-person With Livestream

Time: 12:30-1:45pm CT

Location: UWM Hefter Conference Center or view on Zoom

Instructor: Janice Staral

Fee: $15

Program Number: SPRI:146

Registration opens Tue, Jan 11, 2022.

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