PDC #3: Approaches to Adult-Child Relationships in the Child Care Setting (Staff Supervision, Coaching and Development)

ED POL 302

The quality of a program for children is dependent upon the knowledge and performance of the staff working directly with children. The staff, in turn, depends on compelling professional development programs as well as effective coaching and supervision.

Develop excellent learning environments through effective and intentional mentoring, coaching, supervision and community-building among your staff with this third course of four in the Program Development Credential series. Examine communication and conflict resolution, and articulate your goals and expectations in order to turn teachers and families into advocates.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the fundamentals of on-the-job supervision and training techniques
  • Plan and facilitate meaningful staff meetings, and develop and use effective communication systems
  • Assist in developing positive classroom culture and program culture
  • Use participatory management practices to build community, and include conflict resolution techniques
  • Assist classroom teachers and other staff as they set individual and group goals based on child development, individual child and group assessments, and curriculum requirements
  • Teach effective child observation skills, and model appropriate teaching and care techniques
  • Hone the fundamentals of coaching processes and techniques, and the use of reflective teaching practices
  • Guide teachers to be effective as classroom researchers
  • Examine communication and conflict resolution within the child care setting, emphasizing parent-child, teacher-child, teacher-teacher and parent-teacher relationships
  • Articulate the goals and expectations of the curriculum and program to both teaching staff and families, so that each group can be effective participants and advocates


Recommended: Child Care Program Development course #1

Course available in fall semester only.

Dates and locations to be announced.