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Optimizing Rolling Blackouts

Rolling blackouts have been used by electric utilities in Japan, California and Texas to reduce load when the amount of electrical energy is less than the anticipated demand. With the evolution of renewable energy sources, the demand for clean energy, and the goal to conserve depletable resources, the need to optimize rolling blackouts is essential.


Anthony Sleva, PE

Anthony Sleva, PE

Mr. Sleva is director of engineering at Prescient Transmission Systems. His focus is to direct the development of new products and services that can be used to prevent wide area blackouts in the United States and across the globe. During ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Learn best practices for load control using rolling blackouts
  • Understand rolling blackout pinch points
  • Examine unintended consequences in Japan, Texas and California

Upon completing this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of best practices that need to be implemented before initiating rolling blackouts.

Date: Thu, Nov 11

Delivery Method: Live Online

Time: 8am-4pm CT

Platform: Zoom

Instructor: Anthony Sleva PE

Fee: $1,095

CEUs: .7, PDHs: 7

Enrollment Limit: 20

Program Number: 4840-13780

Registration Deadline: Nov 8

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