Negotiation Skills

Improve your ability to negotiate with staff, purchasing, vendors and more. Discover influential skills to facilitate productive and lucrative solutions. Understand how to state your case while respecting the views of others. Learn to lead constructive conversations and reach fair agreements. And, know when and how to make concessions to optimize results.

This course can be applied to the following certificates:
Business Communication Certificate
Emerging Leaders Certificate


Rodney (Buck) Hillestad

Rodney (Buck) Hillestad

Rodney (Buck) Hillestad is founder and president of Hillestad Learning Technologies, a training and development company specializing in training design and delivery, along with leadership/managerial, and team skills. Buck regularly delivers classes for the University of Wisconsin extensions and is ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Use influential skills to facilitate productive and lucrative solutions
  • Understand the elements of your natural preferences and how to leverage them and avoid potential pitfalls
  • Recognize the various ways others approach negotiations and conflict and communicate effectively with them
  • Apply knowledge related to the nature of conflict and the negotiation process

Course Outline/Topics

I. Definition of Win/Win
A) Parking Exercise
B) Identifying Negotiation Styles
C) Useful Negotiation Skills

II. Listening Skills
A) Assessment
B) Listening Skills Steps
C) Types of feedback

III. Concessions and Positive Exchanges
A) Key questions regarding concessions
B) Key considerations in making concessions
C) Guidelines for making positive exchanges

IV. The Concept of BATNA
A) Are you ready to negotiate?
B) The art of haggling
C) References and Resources


Program fee includes morning and afternoon refreshment networking breaks, lunches, instructional material, and discounted parking.


"This course provided an excellent balance of content and hands-on learning opportunities."  —  Teri Collins, Independent Consultant

"Got the class involved and made the topic fun – not just a lecture."  —  Laurie Nelson, Project Manager, Schwarz Pharma

Dates and locations to be announced.