Necessary Taxation and Compliance Information for Nonprofit Organizations

Are you aware of your tax reporting obligations as a nonprofit organization? Do you know your organization’s deadline to file your returns? Have you researched the penalties and consequences of not filing in a timely manner?

Nonprofit organization compliance and monitoring have increased since December 2014. The IRS and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue have intensified their monitoring and compliance for nonprofits, especially those with 501c3 status. There are steep fines and consequences, including revocation of your tax-exempt status. The newly enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the largest change to the tax code in the last 30 years. Learn more about how these changes may affect your organization directly or indirectly.

This course can be applied to the Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management.


Nelson Soler

Nelson Soler

Nelson Soler is an innovative entrepreneur who has founded two for-profit and three nonprofit organizations. Soler has utilized his educational and advocacy capacities to facilitate the formation of more than 200 enterprises in the greater Milwaukee area. More than 1,000 ... read more

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