MS SharePoint® for Project Team Collaboration

Learn how to establish a team collaboration site for use as a project repository during this two-day session. The session includes how to create a project site; add and coordinate resources; develop change, issue, and risk processes and lists; develop meeting sites; create and leverage discussion lists; and general site management. This session  provides a framework for leveraging best practices to facilitate team communication and collaboration.

The course is based on the Project Management Life Cycle Model: Initiation, Planning, Executing, Controlling and Closing a project.

This course can be applied to the following certificates:
Business Analysis Certificate
Project Management Certificate


Sandra Hoskins, ISP, ITCP, PMP, CSM

Sandra Hoskins, ISP, ITCP, PMP, CSM

As a speaker, mentor, educator, consultant, author and project manager, Sandra is committed to working with people who want to create excellence in their life, whether at work, home, play or in their community. Sandra’s passions are project management and ... read more

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for those individuals interested in learning specific techniques and principles associated with project planning and performance tracking, such as: project team members, project stakeholders, team leads, project leaders, project managers, business managers, and PMPs (Certified Project Management Professionals) who need to take training/education seminars for re-certification. A basic understanding of project management is useful for this course.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

Value to the Organization
• Consistent standards across project sites
• Transparency of data to all levels of the organization
• Consistent data collection between project managers
• Consistent reporting capabilities across projects

Value to the Participant

  • Understand the importance of implementing best practice standards to promote team collaboration
  • Understand the importance of determining the type of information that should be collected on documents, issues, risks and changes.
  • Learn how to implement project dashboards
  • Learn how develop custom lists, calendars, contacts and project tracking at the project level
  • Understand the benefit of connecting to the MS Project Professional® desktop client.
  • Learn how to leverage MS Excel® and MS Visio® with MS SharePoint®

Course Outline/Topics



• What is MS SharePoint®
• Benefit to MS SharePoint® as a collaboration tool


• Managing Lists
• Task Lists and Timelines
• Project Calendars
• Links
• Announcements
• Discussion Boards
• Issue Tracking
• Risks Tracking
• Surveys
• Managing Libraries
• Document
• Forms
• Wiki Pages
• Pictures
• Report
• Asset


• Creating and managing the site hierarchy
• Setting standards for site collections, sites and sub-sites
• Working with Pages
• Working with Web Parts
• Reusable Project Templates with Site Templates
• Setting security standards in SharePoint®
• Creating standards for document templates, such as risks and issues
• Setting up security standards (what security roles are appropriate for the stakeholders)
• Setting up a workflow for each component on the site


Configuring and working with a Document Library
• Create a Document Library
• Configure the collaboration rules
• Check In / Check out
• Versioning
• Content Approval
• Create the description of type of documents
• Create a category lookup field
• Create a view of the documents (customized by category)
• Save a document to the team site
• Working with Versioning
• Working with documents in Office
• Benefits to synchronizing documents

Configuring and working with a Picture Library
• Create a Picture Library
• Configure the collaboration rules
• Check In / Check out
• Versioning
• Content Approval
• Create the description of type of pictures
• Create a category lookup field
• Create a view of pictures (customized by category)
• Save pictures to the team site

Configuring and working with Stakeholder Information

• Create a Project Calendar
• Create and modify stakeholder information

Configuring and working with Lists

• Create a Change Log
• Modify the built-in Issue Log
• Modify the built-in Risk Register
• Modify the built-in Links List
• Create a Lessons-Learned Log
• Create an Assumptions Log
• Create a Decision Log
• Determine what other information would be useful to collect

Configuring and working with Discussion Threads

• Creating Discussion Threads
• Maintaining Discussion Threads
• Leveraging the threads as lesson-learned.

Configuring and working with Tasks

• Create a Task List
• Review the type of information that you want to collect on tasks
• Maintaining a task list
• Synchronizing with MS Project Professional®


• Integrating with Microsoft Project
• Publishing Project Plans to SharePoint
• Managing Task Updates in SharePoint & Project
• Integrating with Microsoft Excel
• Integrating with Microsoft Outlook
• Integrating Task Data with Outlook
• Using the new integrated Tasks view in MySites
• Integrating Project Calendars with Outlook
• Integrating Discussion Boards with Outlook
• Integrating Contact Lists with Outlook


• Creating a site template
• Leveraging consistency across SharePoint® sites



Must have experience and comfort with MS Office Suite.


"Sandra is a very knowledgeable instructor that helps guide the learner in the direction of improvement."  —  Kamilah Bent, Class Participant

"This was a good introduction to SharePoint for Collaboration!"  —  Megan Corey, Class Participant

Dates and locations to be announced.