Mental Fitness 101: How to Heal Your Mind and Emotions at the Root Cause

What factors influence an individual’s ability to be successful? Identify how self-confidence and mental health impact one’s personal and professional life through this two-day program.

This course addresses the root causes of self-sabotage that are derived from low self-confidence and toxic stress overload. In the process, participants develop more emotional intelligence and learn tangible tools and techniques to reprogram the subconscious mind. This is accomplished by transitioning automatic (subconscious) thought patterns from a generally destructive focus to a generally constructive focus.

Gain strategies to identify root causes of emotional turmoil and tools to tackle healing the mind and emotions. Use strategies learned to heal one’s own mind and to guide others to heal theirs. Leave this program with tools to apply in both your personal and professional lives.


Who Should Attend

Social workers, HR professionals, medical administrative and support staff, nurses, occupational therapists, teachers and school staff, emergency responders, therapists and any other human service professionals. 

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the connection between thoughts, emotions and their connection to constructive or destructive outcomes in an individual’s life.
  • Understand that thoughts become things, and everyone can create the future that they have designed and intended to manifest in the world.
  • Develop the skills and mindset necessary to create transformational change in one’s life via mindset and behavioral shifts.
  • Gain the mental and emotional confidence necessary to take consistent action until new goals are accomplished.
  • Analyze how healing one’s own mind and emotions can benefit direct practice relationships.
  • Use tools and strategies to guide clients to identify root causes of emotional turmoil and how to heal.

Dates and locations to be announced.


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