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Mastering Leadership – Breaking Through to Exceptional Effectiveness

Achieve your leadership potential by exploring the Breakthrough Leadership model. This methodology integrates theory and practices from top leadership experts into an approach designed to equip you with the leadership skills and mindsets you need to flourish in today’s complex and ever-changing work environment. Built with a deep commitment to practical application, this course is designed with experiential exercises and practical tools that both anchor and sustain your ongoing learning. You leave equipped to incorporate these powerful ideas into both your professional and personal life.

This course can be applied to the Emerging Leaders Certificate.

Who Should Attend

Experienced, new or aspiring leaders, managers, supervisors, group/team leaders, HR generalists and anyone with leadership responsibilities

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

This two-day session prepares you to:

  • Align leadership mindset with marketplace complexity
  • Define leadership and leadership effectiveness
  • Observe and apply adult stages of development to personal and professional growth
  • Differentiate creative competencies that fuel leadership success from reactive tendencies that constrain
  • Build a framework for sustainable leadership growth
  • Solicit and provide feedback that works
  • Translate powerful leadership learning into breakthrough leadership practice

Course Outline/Topics

Day 1

  • Let’s Get Centered! Everyday Mindfulness Opener
  • How Do You Define Leadership?
  • Breakthrough Leadership: What’s Different?
    • Embracing Complexity
    • Adaptive vs. Technical
  • A Whole New Mind:  What Do You Have?  What Has You?
    • Understanding Stages of Development
    • Subject Object Thinking
  • What Makes a Great Leader Great?
    • Critical Core Leadership Competencies
  • What Keeps Leaders from Greatness?
    • Liberating Limiting Beliefs and Assumptions
    • Reactive Tendencies That Constrain
  • How Do Thinking and Acting Connect?
    • Observing Your Internal Operating System

Day 2

  • What About YOU?  Understanding Your Self-Assessment
  • Somatic Practice:  Embodying Creative and Reactive
    • Taking It to the Mat
    • What’s at Risk?
  • What’s in Your Transformational Change Toolkit?
    • Trigger Triangle
    • Name Them/Tame Them Emotions
    • Power Pause
    • Transformation Circle
  • What’s Your New Leadership Story?
    • Using the Dynamic Transformation Matrix
  • How Can You Build Accountability?
    • Defining One Big Thing
    • Start Doing/Stop Doing
    • Inviting Feedback
  • Your Takeaways and Next Steps

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