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Manifest Destiny: Fact or Fiction

In 1845, journalist John L. O’Sullivan coined the term “Manifest Destiny,” the belief that the United States was destined by God to spread its empire across North America. Manifest Destiny served as justification for 19th-century expansion to California and Oregon, and later to the southern and western Pacific Ocean. The significance of Manifest Destiny lies in its belief of American self-confidence and sense of superiority. Learn what Manifest Destiny means and its impact on the United States.


Diana Ahmad, Ph.D.

Diana Ahmad, Ph.D.

Dr. Diana Ahmad is a Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor of American history at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. She specializes in the history of the American West, especially drugs and sex, as well as animals on the Overland ... read more

Date: Thu, Nov 11

Delivery Method: Live Online

Time: 12:30-1:45pm CT

Platform: Zoom

Instructor: Diana Ahmad Ph.D.

Fee: $10

Enrollment Limit: 300

Program Number: FALL:374

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