Introduction to Flannery O’Connor: Relationships Anagogy, Legacy

We will again benefit through Zoom from the experience and insight of seasoned, yet new to us “O’Connor Guest Scholars” who will share their deep insight on the formative relationships she had, influences on her writing, and some of the implications of reading O’Connor. We will revisit two of her short stories—The Displaced Person and Everything That Rises Must Converge—and also focus on one of her essays in Mystery and Manners—The Nature and Aim of Fiction as well as some correspondence with her friends. We invite newcomers, and warmly welcome back our regular O’Connor fans. Presenters: Craig Martell and several “O’Connor Guest Scholars”


Craig Martell

Craig Martell is an Osher member and volunteer, now serving on the Volunteer Engagement and Recognition (VER) Committee. He was motivated to do this series after attending several Faulkner sessions by Jay Miller and after visiting the Core Program Committee ... read more

Date: 5 Mon, Mar 27-Apr 24

Delivery Method: Live Online

Time: 2:15-3:30pm CT

Platform: Zoom

Instructor: Craig Martell

Fee: $30

Program Number: SPRI:136

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