Impeachment: Foundations, Precedents and Contemporary Processes

In this interactive, nonpartisan discussion, student-participants learn about (1) the Constitutional language describing the impeachment and trial of federal officials, including the writings of the 18th Century authors of it, explaining their purpose and intent; (2) the three times in American history – during the Presidencies of Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton – when the provisions of Articles 1 & 2 of the Constitution were invoked, along with the lessons learned from those experiences; and (3) the events and occurrences of recent times, including actions to date by the legislative and executive branches of the United States of America, related to proceedings focusing on the conduct of President Donald J. Trump. Although reference to both historical and contemporary issues form the academic foundation for this course, its focus is instructional and academic (not advocating for any political action or result), including opportunities for exploratory and clarifying questions from attendees.

Dates and locations to be announced.


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