Fundamentals of Public Transportation

Help new or recently hired staff upgrade their skills and learn best practices in the transportation industry. Seasoned veterans can stay current with existing best practices and learn new tips. The course covers topics such as:

  • The history of public transportation in the United States
  • The benefits of public transportation
  • Basic concepts of transit planning and operations
  • An introduction to transportation finance and financial management
  • Basic concepts of performance measurement and the importance of service benchmarks
  • Techniques and concepts to effectively market transit service
  • A review of laws and regulations governing public transportation, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act

This course can be applied to the Transit Hub Management Online Certification Series.


Peter Albrecht

Peter Albrecht began his career in public transportation in 1973 as a coach operator for CAMBUS, the University of Iowa campus transit system. He subsequently held positions as General Manager or Director of several small urban transit systems in Iowa. ... read more

Who Should Attend

Beginning or advanced level public transportation professionals

Course Outline/Topics

Week 1
• An introduction to public transit
• Benefits of public transit
• Public transit funding
Week 2
• Operations/maintenance
• Planning consideration
• Management consideration
Week 3
• Characteristics of riders
• Marketing
• Multimodalism and innovations
Week 4
• Mobility management
• Importance of the ADA
• Safety, security and emergency

Dates and locations to be announced.