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Fall Potpourri I

September 13–Surviving Mars
We are living in an incredible decade. In six short years, we may have the first humans on Mars. The risks associated with this first mission are enormous. Discuss critical physiological issues that need to be addressed during the journey to Mars and on the planet’s surface.
Presenter: Dennis Roscoe

September 20–America’s Story: Recommended Readings
Enjoy a book-filled talk about the American experience, with reviews and recommendations of both novels and memoirs.
Presenter: Daniel Goldin

September 27–The Great Waukesha Springs Era
In 1868, a dying man was visiting the sleepy village of Waukesha, Wisconsin. What happened next saved his life and changed the history of Waukesha. This lecture introduces members to the rich and colorful history of the many mineral springs developed in the village of Waukesha. View images of the springs and see what remains today. The Great Waukesha Springs Era is a story of health and happiness with a dose of conflict and confrontation.
Presenter: John Schoenknecht


Dennis Roscoe

Dr. Dennis Roscoe holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in neurophysiology from the University of Arizona, School of Medicine. He has been a professor of biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve University and a ... read more

Daniel Goldin

Daniel Goldin is the proprietor of Boswell Book Company. Goldin grew up in Queens, New York, graduated from Dartmouth College and has been a bookseller for 30 years. In 2015, he received the Christopher Latham Sholes Award from the Council ... read more

John Schoenknecht

John is a retired Waukesha, Wisconsin middle school art teacher. He developed a life-long interest in the history of Waukesha after beginning his career in 1974. John is the author of several books about the city, including “The Great Waukesha ... read more

Date: 3 Mon, Sept 13-27

Delivery Method: In-person With Livestream

Time: 10-11:15am CT

Location: UWM Hefter Conference Center or view on Zoom

Dennis Roscoe
Daniel Goldin
John Schoenknecht

Fee: $20

Program Number: FALL:106

Note: In-person Capacity: 38
Livestream Capacity: 300

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