Excel 2013 for Data Analysis and Business Modeling

Today’s organizations have access to more information than ever before, and data-driven decision making has become essential to the bottom line. For those who have to master business modeling and analysis techniques, Excel 2013 is one of the most effective and powerful tools available.

Gain a realistic, functional knowledge of Excel 2013 tools using sample business cases. Highlights of the class include learning about the data revolution, advanced Excel features for analyzing data, data validation, and how to present analytical data to your stakeholders.

The UWM-SCE computer lab provides a hands-on learning environment that includes training from an instructor with real world experience.


Brian Hoff

Brian Hoff

Brian graduated from UWM in 2007 with a degree in finance. In the first seven years of Brian’s career, he worked in many areas of corporate finance for a major national retailer. For the last two years, he has worked for a major ... read more

Who Should Attend

  • Business or financial analysts
  • Engineering, production or R&D professionals who work with data
  • Marketing analyst or market researchers
  • Project managers
  • Business relationship managers

Course Outline/Topics

  • Understanding the Analytics Revolution (what’s the big deal)
  • Review of advanced excel functions and nesting formulas, including (but not limited to):
    • index, match, vlookup, date, sumif(s), countif(s)
    • Conditional statements nested in an IF statement (and/or/IsError)
    • Offset, Indirect
    • Text Functions
    • Nesting formulas
  • Data Tables and PowerPivot
  • Data Validation
  • Summarizing data with Pivot Tables
  • Introduction to Goal Seek and Solver
  • Creation of analytic charts for presentations


This is a high-level course and participants should have one to three years of business experience and skills presented in Excel Levels I-III or equivalent experience.


This course is taught in a computer lab. Please bring a thumb drive if you want to save course documents.


"Great course. Right level for advanced course. Even though some topics were review, there was a good balance of new topics covered."  —  Student, 2016

"Great examples used in the classroom by Brian. I also think the Microsoft Excel 2013 Data Analysis textbook will be very useful in the future."  —  Student, 2016

Dates and locations to be announced.