Essentials of Leadership

Build a solid foundation for your leadership role by learning what true leaders have in common and how they create an engaged team that follows them passionately. Explore historical and current approaches to leadership in order to identify your strengths and create opportunities. Develop the essential skills that every leader must have.

This course can be applied to the following certificates:
Digital Marketing Certificate
Emerging Leaders Certificate


Dave Merges

Dave Merges

Dave Merges believes that adults learn best when they are actively engaged in a learning experience that applies directly to their needs. As a classroom instructor, he strives to create a hands-on training class where participants can easily connect theory ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Define what all great leaders have in common
  • Describe the difference between management and leadership
  • Identify the critical concepts in historical and current leadership thought
  • Use a powerful mission statement and crucial values to create a winning culture in your organization
  • Avoid common mistakes by developing a fact-based approach to decision making
  • Encourage innovation in your organization
  • Learn the truth about motivation and use it to create a high-performing organization

Course Outline/Topics

  1. Leading and Managing
  2. History of Leadership Thought
    1. Great Man/Trait Theory
    2. Frederick Taylor and Scientific Management
    3. Henri Fayol and Administrative Theory
    4. Douglass McGregor – Theory X and Theory Y
    5. Blake and Mouton – The Managerial Grid
    6. Robert Greenleaf and Servant Leadership
    7. Situational Leadership
    8. Case Study
  3. Vision/Mission/Values/Culture
    1. Vision – Desired Future State
    2. Mission – How the Team Reaches the Vision
    3. Culture and Values
    4. Aspects of Organizational Culture
    5. Critical Organizational Values – Trust and Accountability
  4. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
    1. Understanding and Management of One’s Emotions
    2. Understand and Respond to Others’ Emotions
  5. Critical Thinking and Decision Making
    1. Critical Thinking/Decision-Making Process
    2. Situation Analysis
    3. Establish Objectives
    4. Develop Strategies
    5. Develop an Action Plan and Tracking Progress
  6. Innovation
    1. Types of Innovation
    2. How to Encourage Innovation
  7. The Truth About Motivation
    1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    2. Motivators vs. Dis-satisfiers
    3. Behavioral Theory and Consequence Management
    4. Daniel Pink – Drive


Program fee includes morning and afternoon refreshment networking breaks, lunches, instructional material and discounted parking.


"I loved that we were provided with information we can utilize daily in our roles! Dave’s delivery of the material was engaging and pertinent. Great topic, great instructor!"  —  Laurie Dziekan, ACUITY, A Mutual Insurance Company

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