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Accent Reduction

Feel your accent may be holding you back? Do you feel you’re having a hard time being understood? Would you like to effortlessly be a part of professional and social conversations? These classes are designed for you. They provide proven pronunciation strategies to increase your accuracy and comfort level in speaking English.

No required textbook.


Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Produce appropriate consonant and vowel sounds
  • Gain confidence in pronunciation of “th” and “r” and the final  –ed and –s consonant endings in nouns and verbs
  • Identify a range of reductions, linking, phrasing and inflection of the American accent speaking pattern
  • Understand and practice the rhythms and intonation of the American accent speaking pattern


This is a noncredit enrichment program. Progress and courses completed in UWM’s School of Continuing Education Languages program are marked by Continuing Education Units. CEUs are not transferable to college or university transcripts.

Dates and locations to be announced.