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Digital Transformation: Mapping Your Journey From Traditional to Digital Business

The pace of business is continuously increasing, and digital technology is a key factor in this acceleration. No longer are competitors your only threat. Your organization’s willingness and capacity to change is crucial to survival in a digital world. At a time when everything is changing, the desired end state keeps evolving.  This course helps you learn the difference between traditional and digital business, the forces driving the digital world, and why the time to move from traditional to digital business is now. You also gain an understanding of how to accelerate the journey from traditional to digital business and an approach to define your company’s starting point.

This course can be applied to the Business Acumen Certificate.


Kerrie Hoffman

Kerrie Hoffman

Kerrie Hoffman is a serial entrepreneur and freelancer specializing in business growth and digital business. She is co-founder and principal for Get Digital Velocity, working with large enterprises to accelerate the move to frictionless business. In addition, Kerrie is owner ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why the external world is accelerating and how our internal business can adapt
  • Be aware of how we experience digital on a daily basis
  • Explore examples of companies well along their digital journey
  • Apply the life cycle of a business framework to pinpoint your company’s place in the journey to digital
  • Learn the Digital Flow Framework to accelerate the pace of change and rate of adoption of digital capabilities

Course Outline/Topics

  1. Why is the external world of business accelerating?
    1. Two forces driving exponential growth and transformation
    2. The concept of cumulative innovation
  2. Are companies keeping up?
    1. Eric Teller’s human adaptability curve
    2. Martec’s Law
    3. A regional and global view of the journey to digital
  3. What is it like to have a digital experience?
    1. How we experience our digital twins on a daily basis
    2. Why customer experience is paramount to digital business model/product acceptance
    3. Industry examples of digital twins
  4. Case studies of companies well along their digital journey
  5. How is digital impacting the lifecycle of a business (The Sigmoid Curve)?
    1. Introduction to the Sigmoid Curve and common traps
    2. The impact of digital on the life cycle of a business
    3. Map your company’s business and/or products/services on the life cycle
  6. Using the Digital Flow Framework to accelerate the journey
    1. Three levels of the business flow framework: traditional, digital and future
    2. Business outcomes and recommended actions at each level
    3. Understanding the difference between traditional and digital in the areas of talent, operations and technology
  7. Mapping your path forward – what can you do in your current role to accelerate your company’s journey?
    1. Individual action planning based on company position on the Sigmoid curve and knowledge of the Digital Flow Framework
    2. Mind storming in small groups to amplify individual plans

Date: Fri, Feb 5, 2021

Delivery Method: Live Online

Time: 8:30am-4pm CT

Platform: Zoom

Instructor: Kerrie Hoffman


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$395 after Jan 22, 2021

CEUs: 0.7, PDCs: 7

Enrollment Limit: 30

Program Number: 5050-13307

Registration Deadline: Feb 2, 2021

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