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Design and Maintenance for Stormwater Infiltration and Green Infrastructure Practices

Infiltration of stormwater has become an important topic in the management of urban runoff. Many communities now require infiltration of stormwater to help reduce pollutant discharges and recharge local groundwater systems. Under Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 151.12, a percent of stormwater runoff must be infiltrated on new development and redevelopment. Prior to infiltration, pretreatment is required for parking lot runoff and for runoff from new road construction in commercial, industrial and institutional areas. Discover the planning, design, construction and maintenance of complex infiltration systems.

The following issues will be addressed:

  • Why infiltration of urban stormwater is important to water quality
  • The science of soils and infiltration
  • Site investigations
  • The pretreatment of stormwater runoff
  • Infiltration basins
  • Infiltration trenches and injection wells
  • Vegetation to use in infiltration systems
  • Monitoring and maintenance

This course can be applied to the Water Technology Certificate.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate water quality as it relates to stormwater runoff
  • Perform site investigations and monitoring
  • Learn how to plan infiltration systems

Dates and locations to be announced.