Crime and Punishment in the USA

Reports of criminal activity and responses to crime dominate our news feeds and popular culture in 21st century America. This course will delve into why – and whether – the United States has been overwhelmed with violent crime, and why we are obsessed with crime in America. We will examine US trends in crime and policing, the experiences of those caught up in the court system, and mass incarceration, with a particular focus on the roles that race, class, gender and disability play in these systems. We will look at responses to crime by some other nations that may suggest changes to institutions and policies in the US.


Donna Engelmann, Ph.D.

Donna Engelmann is recently retired from the philosophy department at Alverno College, where she taught ethics, political philosophy and introduction to philosophy for 28 years. She earned her PhD in political philosophy and a graduate certificate in alternative dispute resolution ... read more

Date: 4 Fri, Feb 24-Mar 17

Delivery Method: In-person With Livestream

Time: 10-11:15am CT

Location: UWM Hefter Conference Center or view on Zoom

Instructor: Donna Engelmann Ph.D.

Fee: $25

Program Number: SPRI:126

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